Vayuputhra Ltd. offers Vehicle Tracking Solutions with advanced features that help you to Monitor your vehicle's precise location, Secure them against theft & Optimize processes to improve transit efficiency. Available with us are the most effective high-tech solutions for School Bus tracking, Car tracking and Fleet tracking.

Vayuputhra Ltd is a Direct Selling Associate of Tata Docomo, the manufacturers of these Tracking Systems. Vayuputhra has significant knowledge of these systems, their application in different areas and installation procedures, an expertise that is a result of years of experience in the field of Vehicle Tracking Solutions.

All the systems from us, "SmartBus" "SmartCar" & "SmartFleet" use the latest tracking technology for accurate data. From adding an additional layer of security to managing a complete fleet of vehicles in real-time, we have proven solutions for Educational Institutions & Businesses.


Specifically designed for schools, this solution offers real-time tracking for your complete bus fleet. Features like Geo-Fence alerts when the bus leaves the predefined premises. Numerous alerts such as Ignition Alert, Over-Speeding Alert are available at your service for managing safety. Parents can also check the location on the map and be available at the stop to collect their child. Parent alerts are also sent to them via SMS.

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Specifically designed for cars, this product offers additional security to protect your valuable investment. There are various features like Ignition Alert, Geo-Lock which alerts you when the car has crossed a designated geography, Undue-Stoppage Alert, Over-Speed Alert. Route replay is a handy feature that lets you review things, a very useful feature if your car is chauffeur driven.

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Designed for fleet management, this product provides round-the-clock monitoring of your complete lineup of vehicles. You get instant and detailed reports on the Vehicle's speed, Distance covered, Routes followed, Stoppages & Engine idling time which in turn will help you judge and optimize driver's performance. You can also stay informed about Service due, Insurance renewal etc. Driven by a simple web interface, SmartFleet control panel can be accessed from a variety of devices. Also featured in the product are Customer Alerts via which they get an SMS of the location of their shipment. With all the essential data handy, you will be able to easily make decisions about compliance and improve overall efficiency.

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Smooth & Effortless Tracking

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Reliable Security For Your Car

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Ease Of Operation & Optimization

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